Welcome to Repair Cafe - Fluvanna.

As you can see, not much here yet.  But I hope there will be real information soon.

I've never pulled anything like this together before and I'm just getting started, so this won't happen soon. 

In the mean time, visit RepairCafe.Org/en/ to find out about Repair Cafe's in general.

(Note that their literature refers to RepairCafe.Org.   If you go there, you get the website in Dutch.  Append the /en/ for english.)

I have a few short documents available to explain about the process.  Click the titles to read/download them.

- A compilation of some articles about Repair Cafe and the ones that have been held in Charlottesville.

- Background information on how Repair Cafes got started,.

- Repair Stations descriptions.  This is from the main organization's manual and a few of the possible repair stations and how they might be set up and equipped.

- House Rules.  This is a document that would be on the back of a sheet that each person wanting something repaired would be required to fill out.  It is to establish expectations and limit liabilities.

Anyone interested in receiving info as we go along can send an email to repairs@thewright.info to get on the email list for event updates.  My regular email would work too but this address drops into a special bucket to make it easier to track.

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Business card for Repair Cafe - Fluvanna