A Couple of Examples

This is the kind of stuff I do. Rough and ready, solving a problem, mostly using stuff I have on hand.

A chair mover. Made of 2x4s and 4 heavy casters plus a cheap scissors jack. At first it was operated by a makeshift hand crank. People asked why I didn’t make it powered. Lately I found a battery powerable motor that works. The problem is having a charged battery. I bring one of my drill batteries., which works fine. But that means it can only be used when I’m there with my battery. And when I’m there, I use it.

Coffee carafe drain cart. The church uses a bunch of carafes on Sunday. Then they rinse them out and put them on the drainboards. Where they remain until the next Sunday. Which is fine until you need to use the kitchen for something else. But where to put them? So I built a rolling rack. Some PVC tubing, some foam sheets. (I use a lot of materials that are easy to cut.) Looks a little odd but it has been a success.

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