Experimenting (fighting) with Gutenberg So the new version of WordPress (5) has this new editor that they call Gutenberg. It’s not that the old one was all that easy to deal with, but one got used to it after a while. Now I need to figure this one out. This page is likely to be just gobbledegook while I experiment with what works and what doesn’t. Want to put a picture in next. Gallery seems to work pretty well as long as you are happy with its defaults. You can choose the number of columns but doesn’t offer any obvious way to fine tune sizes.Read More →

Back again. My blogs never last long but I thought I would try again. It’s intended to be a place where I can chat about my projects and maybe throw in some extraneous material occasionally. wright – Dictionary Definition : Vocabulary.com https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/wright You’re more likely to see the word wright in combination with other words than on its own these days. Some common examples are playwright and wheelwright, or in other words, makers of plays and wheels. The origin of wright is the Old English wryhta, or “someone who works with wood.” So I am pleased to claim the name Wright, though I am notRead More →