Here I Am!

Back again. My blogs never last long but I thought I would try again. It’s intended to be a place where I can chat about my projects and maybe throw in some extraneous material occasionally.

wright – Dictionary Definition :

You’re more likely to see the word wright in combination with other words than on its own these days. Some common examples are playwright and wheelwright, or in other words, makers of plays and wheels. The origin of wright is the Old English wryhta, or “someone who works with wood.”

So I am pleased to claim the name Wright, though I am not so much a maker of things as a modifier of things and wood is not my favorite medium, though I do use a lot of 2x4s.  (Dirt, BTW, is my least favorite medium.  No matter how much you push/pull/mash/etc, it remains dirt.

I think if I had been around in the olden days, I would have been a tinker. Travel from town to village fixing peoples pots and pans and whatever else might be broken. It’s kind of fun to think I might have been an armorer but it would only have been for the least of knights because my work, while serviceable, is never pretty.

Word Origin and History for gimcrack n.

1610s, “showy person;” sense of “trifle” first recorded 1839; of uncertain origin, perhaps alteration of gibecrake , a kind of ornament on wooden furniture (mid-14c.), perhaps from Old French giber “to rattle, shake” + Middle English crak “sharp noise, crack.” In 18c.-19c. it also meant “a person who has a turn for mechanical contrivances.”

gimcrack(Noun) Something showy but worthless; a gimmick or bauble.
gimcrack(Adjective) Showy but of poor quality; worthless.

Gimcrack(noun) a trivial mechanism; a device; a toy; a pretty thing
gim·crack (jim’krak’)
n. A cheap and showy object of little or no use; a gewgaw.
adj. Cheap and tasteless; gaudy: gimcrack souvenirs.

Adjectives are a little misleading since my products are rarely pretty but mostly serviceable.  Serviceable, functional – those are my guiding values. 

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